Error on an Shared Host: opendir(/tmp): failed to open dir: Permission denied at

I host my Nextcloud 10.0.0 by the german hoster
Everything works fine, but the Log is full that…

Who can help me ?


The error indicates the folder permission are blocking access. Can you verify the folder exists and the permissions are set accordingly? It’s likely your hosting company would be better able to assist you with this.

I fixed it !:yum:

Just creat a folder /tmp in the root of your Nextcloud and give 755 to it and then add the following to your config.php:

‘tempdirectory’ => ‘/www/htdocs/xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxxx/tmp’,

Since i did that … the Errorentry in the log came never back :grin:

Permisson on /tmp Directory 644 for security reasons is working, too…
Still no more error´s in the log :grin:

bei mir funktionierte es erst, als ich andere Kochkommata verwendet habe:
for me it only worked when I used different cooking commas:
‘tempdirectory’ => ‘/www/htdocs/w009****/’,