Error: Downloaded file is empty, although server sent xMB as size


using Nextcloud 10.0 on Debian 8 and Nextcloud-Windows-Client 2.2.3 (build 4).
Added an external CIFS/SMB storage from an Ubuntu server samba share.

When trying to sync files from the external storage with the Nextcloud-client, I get the following messages:

“The downloaded file is empty, although the server sent 4MB as size.”
(“Die heruntergeladene Datei ist leer, obwohl der Server 4 MB als Größe übermittelt hat.”)

Surprisingly there are some files (13 of 237) which could be synced.

Anyone an idea, why this happens?


Can you provide more information about your setup and logfiles? Can you make sure the problem still exists with current versions of the server (10.0.1) and the client (2.2.4).

Nope, sorry. Can’t reproduce this anymore using Client 2.2.4 (build 2) now.

I’ll test some more on come back to you, if this happens again.


If it were fixed, this would be good news :wink: