End-to-End Encryption vs Alternatives

The valuations of the E2EE App are very negative as shown on the website:


But i don’t want to relinquish on E2EE in Nextcloud. I searched the web and found this one

The tool allows to interoperate with several cloud services e.g. via Webdav with Nextcloud either.

Using Webdav all i need was to setup the folder location in my nextcloud files dir with


Pass = NC-Password or (if 2FA is used) App-Password

It is working like a charm under NC 23.0.2

The tool exists for Android, iOS, Linux, MacOSX and Windows as well.

If any one else has made same experiences …

Yep, Cryptomator works awesome regardless of whether the server is online. It is a solid and well developed choice. https://rclone.org/ is another choice for mounting, and optionally encrypting, remote storage. You did well for your client devices.