Enabling granular synchronization of the desktop client.

My customer handles up to 200GB of big files every day. These files must be synchronized with the nextcloud Windows client application. They have 50 PCs for employees, but just want sysadmin to change/delete/overwrite those files. This means that 49 employees must have read-only sync permission, except for sysadmin account.

I know that nextcloud “files app” on the web can do that easily, but I’m not sure if that’s possible with desktop clients. Any advice?

Hi @nextclouder-j

I briefly tested this. When another user is sharing a file as read-only (editing not allowed) with me, it will be synced to my PC via Desktop Client. If I then make any changes to the file, and try to save these changes, the file cannot be synced back to the server. (403 forbidden error message).

However, while this will prevent users from changing the original file on the server, it cannot prevent them from modifying the file locally on their computers and saving it somewhere else, or re-upload modified copies of the file to their own accounts.

Hi @bb77

Thanks, I now have a better understanding of Nextcloud’s basic ACLs.
This page will be helpful as well. It seems like the best thing to do is to actually try it out first.