Can I setup a user as read-only?

NextCloud 20.0.2

I need to setup users who only access certain group folders in read-only mode. No problem with that.

However, I also need those users not to be able to create any file by upload or create any folder in their home folder. Is this possible? And if yes, how can I do that?

Those users only need the files app and the search apps.

Thanks for any pointer.

Hi igrokit!

what about that idea:

create a user with 0 B of disk amount. Share your “read only”-Folder with this user.

Edit: With sharing i mean, sharing by entering the username in the share-column of the folder to read only. There you can untick the boxes to reshare, edit and upload data, so there is read-only.

In the files app I see “You don’t have permission to upload or create files here” for users with 0 B disk amount. So also this is working. :slight_smile:

tested, works for me. :+1:

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If you create users with the guest app, they don’t have home folders of their own, but can be shared with as read only.

Hello @wlanowski

Ah… “0 B” was the key.

I do not work with sharing, only group folders.
But your hint with the quota is the solution for me. Great!
Thanks a lot.

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