Empty content by browser access

when trying to access my files the browser-window of firefox is showing the icons on top and the sidebar on the left but no content. The section fotos seems to work.
I seems to work by using the edge-browser or the android-app for example.

  • is this an error of firefox or my setup?

This happens since i had to reinstall ncp:
due to SD crash on my raspberry pi 3 i had to setup a new system by following the steps on How to install NextCloudPi and How to backup and restore using nc snapshot .


  • NextCloudPi version v1.48.3
  • NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_07-25-22
    Nextcloud configuration

Do you use a virus scanner oder adblocker? Deactivate it.

Also you can use the developer tools. Click in Mozilla Firefox F12 and then Network Analysis. Reload the website and post some errors. Maybe a Javascript problem. Post Nextcloud Logs.

Hi devnull
thanks for you input.

i deactivated all plugins, paused avast one and entered F12/Network Analysis and did a refresh.
Here what i found (hopefully on the right track-i’n not a developper;-)


[INFO] viewer: No OCA.Files app found, viewer is now in standalone mode
Object { app: “viewer”, uid: “xxxxxxx” }
Object { app: “viewer”, uid: “me” }


Uncaught SyntaxError: “” literal not terminated before end of script merged-index.js:12928:61

Uncaught TypeError: OCA.Files.FileList is undefined
46658 sharedfilelist.js:28
Webpack 4

Uncaught TypeError: OCA.Files.FileList is undefined
92832 filelist.js:65
92832 filelist.js:29
Webpack 7

Uncaught TypeError: OCA.Files.fileActions is undefined
registerFileActions mindmap.js:256
each jQuery
registerFileActions mindmap.js:255
init mindmap.js:9
jQuery 12
Webpack 7

Uncaught TypeError: OCA.Files.fileActions is undefined
jQuery 12
Webpack 4

​Where/how t oaccess the Nextcloud Logs? There is nothing meaningful on mydomain:4443 → logs and the logfile as indicated on the Nextcloud configuration page (/media/USBdrive/ncdata/nextcloud.log) is 71 MBytes…

Thanks for further hints

Sorry your logs above does not help me. Are there problems with loading objects e.g. error 404, 500 in the part network analysis?

You find it at /path/to/your/nextcloud/data/nextcloud.log. You can change the loglevel in config/config.php documentation loglevel

Here are some locations for the logs

Also, run ncp-report in the terminal

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thanks for the how-to-logs. I finally also realized that i can access it via browser through preferences ->protocols

when i reload my page on firefox i get
column App: no app in…
column Message: Deprecated event type for OCA\Files::loadAdditionalScripts: Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\GenericEvent is used

column App: cssresourceloader
column Message: Could not find resource css/server.css to load

column App: core
column Message: Failed to compile and/or save /var/www/nextcloud/core/css/server.scss

Finally I got the impression that my backup (I followed How to backup and restore using nc snapshot ) was somehow defective so I gave up debugging of errors.

Instead I restarted from scratch with the provided image (v1.48.3 thank you very much!). Somehow I managed to restore the data from my automatic nc-snapshot-auto inspired by the explanations “How to backup and restore using nc snapshot”.

…and run into a lot of new challenges (manual copy of all data to the new instance, adjust permission, re-scan, Cannot login: Too Many Requests, …), which seems to be overcome finally except one:

Although I can access the panel within my local network this situation is not very satisfying…

Any idea?
No complains in www .domain.net/settings/admin/overview
Nothing special under www .domain.net/settings/admin/logging

Thanks a lot.

Do you have physical access or ssh access so you can use a terminal/CLI?

If so, can you run sudo ncp-report to get some information?

I also recommend checking the NCP & NC logs, the actual files not through the web interface, to see if there’s anything there

Yes, I have access:-)

NextcloudPi /var/log/ncp.log

Too much information - going through it i was not able to find something: what should I searching for?

sudo ncp-report

Found nothing related to the issue (but hint’s to other problems which may explain why my PC is still syncing with NCP…)

Nextcloud /var/www/data/nextcloud.log

Does not exist, but looking on the external USB data drive. Here the same as in ncp-report: loads of sync-errors.

  • Could the ongoing sync-process limit to only locally accessing to the panel ?
  • How long should I expect to sync 350 GiBytes?