Efficient string review

I was pinged by @rakekniven about strings. Isolated, it is not always easy to decide what might fit in well. You can go to the source code, find the associated string, this might help or not. If it doesn’t, you can install the app, and check how it appears on the user’s interface (if you find the string, if it is hidden in some menu…).

Or this is the way, I have to go and I don’t find it very efficient. Do you have more efficient ways?

What would be cool, using Nextcloud interface in one language, then having a special mode where you can switch back and forth between the original and your version. Perhaps edit there the strings in real time… or having that on the Test-Setup run by Nextcloud…
Not sure if that is possible or if the more professional reviewers prefer the current way. It might be just me…

I just found the translation wiki :slight_smile: which gives somehow an answer on how to identify strings for more context.

Hello @tflidd ,

unfortunately I have no better way to do the review/translation :roll_eyes:.

Being on Transifex is fine for professional translators, but there is no obvious integration with GitHub.

My wishlist would be:

  • Developers add comments (context) to the code
  • Transifex provide links to jump directly to GitHub repo and respective code lines.
  • Developer add screenshots to Transifex (paid plan)
  • … tbc