Dutch Translation

I want to create the dutch translation for Passwords. Can anyone give me pointers how to do this for the Passwords app.

Regards Roru69

Thank you for your offer. Passwords development takes place on GitHub. You can look at our developer information for helpful developer information.
The current translations can be found in the l10n folder. I suggest that you use the german translation files as basis for yours, since they are the most complete ones.
If you have an account on Github, you can fork the repository and then develop the changes in your repository. If you’re done, you can create a pull request.
Nextcloud has three different language codes for Dutch: nl_BE (Dutch Belgium), nl_NL (Dutch Netherlands) and nl (Dutch) I was wrong here, the language code you need to use in the filename is “nl”. You need to create two files, a JS file and a JSON file. Both of them contain different parts for the translations.

Is the password app on transifex @rakekniven?


just searched GitHub and found apps already containing the word password.
See https://github.com/nextcloud?utf8=✓&q=pass&type=&language=

From my POV it would be good to name your app “Password manager” instead of “Passwords”.
If you like to have more translations you could think of using Transifex platform.