Dropbox paper alternative


I just discovered Dropbox paper as a note application.

I am looking for a good note app since few days and after looking at Omni Note which does not provide any sync with nextcloud or other cloud based solution, I found Dropbox Paper.

So wow, what a beautiful app ! But what a proprietary app too ! I hope this kind of application could appear one day in Nextcloud, it would be a very very helpful collaborative app, for the teams which does not need collabora or others heavy softwares.

So, I know paper is more an Evernote alternative than an Office online alternative and I know that it does not work out of the box without month and month of developements.

But I think that this would be a very added value app for collab jobs and projects :

  • notes
  • task lists (sync with task app ?)
  • Appointments
  • Meetings notes

There are two note apps. The first is just called Notes, and is a usability focused app that uses basic .txt files, although the preview parses them as markup. I use this one daily and love it as it’s very clean interface wise, and you can just open the files in any text editor on any device.

Then there’s the more fancy one which is called QOwnNotes. This one uses .html files from memory instead of .txt, so editing in a standard text editor requires some knowledge of html, however if you’re using the web app or android app, it has a gui editor built in and it allows you to do a lot more formatting, like inserting images, bullet points, bold, italic etc.

Yes of course I know these two apps.

Dropbox paper is an improved concept of note apps.

And excuse me but we can’t compare apps such as evernote / paper and nextcloud note app.

When I test paper or evernote, I do not see any anchor in front of my titles, I can underline and cross easily my text, I can create lists and spredsheet etc.

This could be where we meet the free software boarder with proprietary. Not especially because of more devs people on a project, on more money. Just because of two ways of think :

  • Nextcloud users (or developpers ?) think that a note app which create text files is a very good and producive app beacause they can open it with a simple text editor
  • Evernote or other product users want ergonomy and a homogeneous solution between desktop and smartphone.

This post is not an unproductive critic and even less a sterile attack. It is more an observation and a board when I write ideas in the goal of others do the same to increase nextcloud and build a better software (even if now, nextcloud is even better that I could have hopped ! :slight_smile: )

I wasn’t saying the current note apps are the same or even similar to Evernote / Dropbox Notes / whatever else. I don’t use those apps, so I have no idea. You wrote:

…and I have tried the current note apps, and use and like one, so I was trying to help share what I knew. That was all.

Yup, sorry I did not want to be nasty.

Indeed I am looking for a good note app, I forgot to say that current nextcloud app did not the job for my needs.

By the way your advise was helpful, I just gave another try to the nextcloud note app. One more time :slight_smile:

Using Tomboy notes on Linux , Windows and OSX. On Android I am using Tombdroid note application.

For synchronization with the Nextcloud I am using owncloud application “Grauphel - Tomboy sync server” ( https://apps.owncloud.com/content/show.php/grauphel+-+Tomboy+sync+server?content=166654 ) .

It is working fine on the Nextcloud 12.


sounds pretty good. maybe you wanna ask devs if you’d be allowed to make it available on the NC-apps section as well?
just saw that it’s released under APGL - so you could do a portation easily, i guess… :wink:

Few months ago I contacted application developer Christian Weiske (http://cweiske.de/) . He told me that he is working on porting it to Nextcloud because of own migration from Owncloud to Nextcloud.

So, I am waiting. This latest owncloud version 0.6.4 is working just fine on Nextcloud 12.

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purrrrrrfect :heart_eyes_cat:

Paper is based on hackpad. Here is a similar topic for you:

HackMD looks good, you could spin up a server via docker or similar and use it with the external sites app… Until such time someone creates an app to link them.

There is also Ownnote and probably its successor Nextnote for people who like WYSIWYG editors. They even work with notes exported from Evernote.

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Grauphel is available for NC13 now, I got it working with Tomdroid, the Android app.

This is an old thread but for the record, there is an app called Joplin which emulates evernote and works on nextcloud and other platforms. No restriction on the number of devices or shares.


How about Carnet? Seems very competent.

Joplin should be promoted heavily with Nextcloud… Perhaps it could be integrated as an app? So glad I found this answer… thanks heaps!

Nextcloud released their paper alternative: https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-introduces-collaborative-rich-text-editor/

We all just waiting for the mobile app.

It is kinda frustrating to see 3 great tools being developed (if not more); Carnet, Joplin, Nextcloud text all aim to solve the same problem with different implementations. On the one hand they all are innovative in their own way, on the other, why is it so hard to get a smooth implementation of a modern note taking app compatible with Nextcloud so I can edit them on both my mobile phone and in my browser seamlessly like Google Drive? I imagine at least 2 of these projects will fizzle out before they get around to smoothing out the rough edges.

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