Document failed to load collabora

Hi All,

I am having this error when trying to open a doc or odt file from within NC

My setup:

3 dedicated Ubuntu22LTS servers, 1 x NC29, 1 x Collabora (Nondocker), 1 x Nginx proxy that also serves Letsencrypt certs

Been using this link as a troubleshooting guide: Collabora integration guide

By the looks of it, everything is installed correctly, can access all the test urls from curl of all servers and browsers.

Have the green checkmark on Admin->Office, for the wopi ip address, I am using the LAN subnet

I am thinking that the /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml config file group/alias is not setup correctly (maybe?), don’t know if that would be the cause

<alias_groups desc="default mode is 'first' it allows only the first host when groups are not defined. set mode to 'groups' and define group to allow multiple host and its >
                                <!-- If you need to use multiple wopi hosts, please change the mode to "groups" and
                    add the hosts below.  If one host is accessible under multiple ip addresses
                    or names, add them as aliases. -->
                    <host desc="hostname to allow or deny." allow="true"></host>
                    <alias desc="regex pattern of aliasname"></alias>
                    <alias desc="regex pattern of aliasname">scheme://aliasname2:port</alias>

                                <!-- More "group"s possible here -->
                        <is_legacy_server default="false" desc="Set to true for legacy server that need deprecated headers." type="bool"/>

My nextcloud is on the main domain (, the collabora is on the subdomain (


you alias_groups indeed looks different - please review

and verify the value is correct. AFAIR - CODE logs is pretty clear in terms of accepted alias_groups…

If you have only one NC you might consider the default “first” mode which auto-accepts the first system which connects to CODE…

maybe this post provides additional references:


Thank you for getting back to me,

I did try the first mode, same document fail result, :frowning:

This is not a docker image install, This could be the reason why it is different

I keep editing the /etc/coolwsd/coolwsd.xml file. Could it be another file that I should be editing?

the file you reference is CODE config file. I would recommend looking at the logs.