Docker: Nextcloud-FPM behind Nginx Proxy Manager - do I need another nginx container?


I currently have Nextcloud 23 running as a Docker container using the apache-image.

However, there is also an nginx proxy manager container in front of the nextcloud container in order to do the reverse proxy management for all my subdomains.

As I have two reverse proxies lined up (first nginx proxy manager, then apache in the docker container), I thought it might be possible to spare the apache and switch to the fpm image.

However, I couldn’t find a way to route directly from the nginx proxy manager to the nextcloud-fpm image. Is this possible?

The examples all have another nginx instance in the docker-compose.yml, but that way I would just replace apache with nginx wich can be a little advantage, but the real advantage would be to remove one layer of reverse proxies…

Thank you in advance for your help!

Same issue here, but different reason.

Basically I can’t get nextcloud:FPM to work with Nginx when docker-compose starts nextcloud:FPM and Nginx is a normal Linux service.

So same issue in that I use Nginx and do not want another Apache (or any HTTP) in the docker-compose.

So I second the question: “I couldn’t find a way to route directly from the nginx proxy manager to the nextcloud-fpm image. Is this possible?” I’ve been trying to configure Nginx since it manages other subdomains not using Nginx Proxy Manger directly.

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Out of curiosity I just tried to run nextcloud:fpm behind another nginx container.

Like this:
NPM > NGinx Container > Nextcloud FPM Container

Interestingly, the “default” setup with NPM > Nextcloud Apache Container finished loading in about 5 seconds while the above setup took about 7-8 seconds.

So I still would be interested to try it with just NPM > Nextcloud FPM Container but using the fpm behind another Nginx container has no advantage compared to the default setup.

Nextcloud:FPM requires port 9000. So if everything was set up correctly in NGINX PM it may work. I am new to NPM and wasn’t able to get it to work properly. So I went with the basic Nextcloud image.

I was happy to find this thread as I am struggling with the exact same problem but it is discouraging to find out that none of you has managed to get it to work.

Did anyone since?

Edit: Just to add some more info.

I added to my environment variables of the nextcloud docker setup the following two, one for the fastcgi and one to tell NPM the nextcloud port:


But no luck.