Docker-compose examples [redis, collabora, letsencrypt]


starting with the great work of @pierreozoux, I’ve put together a few docker-compose examples for nextcloud installations with different additional containers. All examples use the official nextcloud docker container.

  • minimal example
  • reverse proxy + letsencrypt
  • redis
  • collabora

I’m planning to add more examples (for example wonderfalls AiO container) in the future.

I hope I can help a few people to get started with their dockerized nextcloud installation. :slight_smile:

Here’s my Github:


Hey @Snowyo,

That’s really great!
I’m an intermediate hacker in docker and an open source contributor to Mozilla, Fedora, Docker and KDE.
I would like to contribute to dockerized nextcloud, Please let me know the pending issues/backlogs so that I can assist this part as a contributor.

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

Hey @amitkumarj441,

Your work would be very welcome. The official repository is here. @pierreozoux submitted a PR to the official docker images repo. There are no official recommendations/examples for docker-compose, so I made my own.

The biggest problem I’m facing right now is the best way to include cronjobs to the setup. There are 3 possibilities that all have there downsides. Maybe you have a word on that?

  • Run Cron on host -> very “ugly” solution in my eyes. It requires additional configuration on the host and depends on that to run properly.
  • Start an extra container install docker and cron and run cron there. -> as stated here
  • Use supervisor (or anything similar) to run cron and nextcloud in one container -> feels like the cleanest solution to me. It violates one process per container but keeps the dependencies together.

I made a container for the 3rd solution based on the official image here:

Any words on that? :slight_smile:

As discussed here, I do it slightly differently, it is just an extra container, but it doesn’t need docker and cron installed inside.

Hi @Snowyo ,

EDIT: solved it for now - needed to run with root db credential on the first launch… However I don’t know how to replace not maintained alastaircoote/docker-letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion with jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion without breaking the install. I’m getting error 503 now…

I am trying to deploy your docker-compose with letsencrypt but running into an issue with 16.04 LTS VM.
I get this error in the browser App directory "/var/www/html/custom_apps" not found! Please put the Nextcloud apps folder in the Nextcloud folder or the folder above. You can also configure the location in the config.php file.

I am using your .env, and nginx.conf. What do I need to update to make this work? Is it on line 57 in docker-compose.yml?
volumes: - ./nextcloud/apps:/var/www/html/apps I believe apps should be custom_apps.

Also I am getting the db connection error after I fixed the apps above: SQLSTATE[HY000][1045] access denied for user nextcloud@x.x.x.x (using password: YES)

I am providing this info
Database Server: db:3306
Login: nextcloud
Database Name: nextcloud

Thank you in advance for your assistance.