Do any Hosting providers pay Nextcloud?

I read on the hosting site; “Please note that we have no formal relationship with any of these providers and take no responsibility for their services or quality”.

Are their any Nextcloud providers that actually pay Nextcloud for maintenance and improvements for Nextcloud? It would be nice to support the project while using a host.

You could ask the provider, it would also show to them that there are users who care about the community and sharing aspect of open source.


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Nope, we don’t get paid by any hosters. We have some partners who manage the systems of their customers but that’s about it. We actually are looking at how to change that, ensure we have a business relation so we can keep an eye on quality and help when stuff breaks. Much needed, from the many complaints I read, but not super high priority. Most hosters really don’t like paying for software & support, we’ve noticed.

Oh, actually, there’s an exception - The Good Cloud, the Dutch ones. They’re actually a partner (360ICT is their parent company). And I can also recommend them because I’ve never heard any complaints.


Certified Nextcloud host or something like that might bring in some revenue for further development. The good cloud doesn’t seem to have launched yet. Thanks for the tip though.

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I like the idea of certified or at least some sort of “keep an eye on quality” thing. As I’ve started looking at hosting providers listed on the site, there’s quite a bit of difference in the list. I may just stick with self-hosting because the offers in the list vary so much.

I’ve got hosts telling me not to worry about the warnings in the NC admin panel for background jobs, and there’s confusion about whether they stay updated beyond the version they sell you, and hosts not even on PHP7.0.

It’s the Wild Wild West out there.

And how should such a certificate be acquired?

Should nextcloud book a package anywhere and test the hosters?

You can not expect quality at low prices. But nobody wants to pay for good quality.
Most want 1TB for few euros.

Yeah, given how much these hosters compete on price it will hard to get them to commit to anything. But personally, if my Hoster would offer a somewhat streamlined option for Nextcloud (Redis on a shared host would be nice) and had a check-box for “add 50ct per month to support Nextcloud” I would probably do it.

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Maybe it’s just a Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze supporter badge thing. Those that want to show that they really back the development of the project can display it on their site/product.

I don’t know how pricing should work; obviously you’re not going to add on X euros per customer for collabora and X euros for security and maintenance support from nextcloud, on top of your hosting costs. They’re definitely geared towards enterprise customers which makes it hard for individual’s to get that level of quality support at a competitive individual price point. I think a badge model might be the best solution. I do feel like I’m not contributing to the development of Nextcloud though when I’m not providing financial support to them, because I’m pretty sure my host isn’t doing QA/filing tickets/etc.

As a provider we, eqipe GmbH from Switzerland, are actually interested to pay you a reasonable amount of money each year for a better (badge) status with direct routes to your developers and support team. That would be fair and we are open to suggestions. The user based enterprise subscriptions are just unfitting for providers imho.



I’m from and I want to say: we did launch! It took us quite some time to get the infrastructure right, that’s why I’m responding to this stale thread… :wink:

But I have to say, prices seems to be the only thing to compete on, we’ve lost some partners this way but we believe in doing it right or not at all. Having said that, we do have our own stuff to handle, we found out we needed more than just engineers and that engineers aren’t that good of support/sales stuff (being a engineer myself) but we found some good people for that.

But you are right, we focus on business mostly as it’s hard to survive only on hosting for consumers. But I see the hosting for consumers as a way to give something back: a privacy friendly alternative for the people who care and not willing or able to self-host. To give them a good experience in performance and support we still have to ask for some money though.

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