Display date and time instead of interval in files list


I’d like to be able to display the date and time a file was uploaded instead of something like “4 months ago”? Users find it complicated and don’t like to have to hover over to obtain the information.

Thanks in advance!


No answer in 17 days… am I in the wrong category? If it’s not possible or whatever can someone answer me please?



Yeah, it’s been two years now!
Nowbody ever asked for this “… ago” “feature”, it is really just useless info. I don’t want to calculate in my mind, to find out, when it was! really.
Except for the case it is in minutes (less than an hour), the feature is useless.

This is still an issue, isn’t it? We are on Nextcloud 21.0.1 and I can’t find the setting to change the way the date and time are displayed. Since usually the problem sits behind the screen I am assuming I am just not able to find where to change the format, or is this still not solved?

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Came here to look for this setting/feature. It would be extremely helpful to just view the detailed list of files with date and time next to each like normal rather than obfuscating this basic information with an unhelpful, vague interval. We could really use a config option to opt out of this specific piece of added “flair” and just show us the basic things we need to see.

Nextcloud’s primary mission is still to store and display our files, right? It’s doing an amazing job with the desktop clients and the sync. This little bit of the web UI is just awful, though.

Oh, the file’s modified date isn’t Apr 24 14:51 2021, it’s “4 months ago” ? Look, it’s a giant screen full of files all modified “X months ago” followed by some more that were modified “X months ago” ! When I’m looking for a file from “somewhere around the end of April”, that’s not very helpful, is it?

has someone tried to file an issue about that on github?