[Discussion] New Photo App in Nextcloud 18

Great :+1:
It’s work in version Nextcloud 18.0.3 too

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The usability/performance has improved drastically after the update to 18.0.3, great work!

But unfortunately, I’m still missing the “Slideshow/Gallery” view in shared links. Is there a configuration/option I’m missing? :upside_down_face:

Edit: Ok, I’m not sure if anything else changed in the App, because 18.0.3 was just a security fix, but the performance somehow improved a lot when displaying the photo folders etc. - Have there been any changes to the Photo App in 18.0.3?


When you want to share photos in a folder in subsequent versions, you can directly view the photos instead of downloading the photos directly after opening the link in the sharing connection method.

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Thank you so much

nice to hear, that it is possible to show pictures.
But can you please tell me how to open a link in the sharing connection method :thinking:

I’m afraid I don’t know how to work the new “Fotos” app at all. I’ve just upgraded to v18.0.3 (which was noted to contain the “bugfixed” version of Fotos) but still nothing is where it should be:

  • When I click an image, the viewer opens. From there, how do I download the image? (The old “download” icon top right is missing.)

  • Same view, how do I delete the file? (“Delete” icon is also missing.)

  • The viewer doesn’t use the full screen, but only in a small portion of the of it. Is this a true 1:1 display, meaning a lower-res image on a higher-res screen will open in a smaller window?

  • When first opening “Fotos”, the only thing I need to see there is the root folder of my file system. “Gallery” did that. In “Fotos”, I first have to click “My Albums”. Not that big of a deal for sure, but why is the “complicated album way” the default, instead of the “simple folder view”?

On the other hand, I do note quite a bit of performance gain: The first display of a folder is about as slow as before, but beginning with the second access display is much quicker. Appreciated!


18.0.4, See photos repository.

NC 18.0.1

Performance is really bad here. Even worse, when I click “Your albums”, I get an error stating “Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten!” -> aside from accessing all pictures without folder structure “your photos”, there is nothing anymore that allows a structured browsing of my photos. The performance of gallery app was not bad and I have 45GB of photos.

Next, the old gallery app allowed me to share in now called “grid mode”. This means if I sent a link to people that do not know Nextcloud, yes such people still exist, I can predefine the view they get. This grid share link is missing now with Photos.

The photo thumbnails have been better in gallery view. How can I install the gallery app for NC 18?

Edit: if people click photos I have shared by link the download is offered, with gallery app these photos were opened as preview. Dont like…

Edit: there is no path browser in photos folder structure view, only up and down by clicking folders and back button. This does really not feel sophisticated.

These are all issues that have already been reported and will be fixed with 18.0.4. I’m really looking forward to it because the sharing of image galleries is really a important feature for me.

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Let’s wait till 23-04 then.

I also miss an important feature in photo: ability to “see” people tags from lightroom/digikam. It will be a killing feature.

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Propose it on github if anybody did it before. :+1:

It is already been proposed.

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Good so put a thumbs Up on this one.
I will do the same.
EDIT : you already did, nice.

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Yes I did.

Moreover I notice thate filerun has this:

Metadata support
It automatically extracts and index information (Author, Copyright, Date Created, Description, GPS location, Heigh and Width, Tags/Keywords) from JPG, PSD, PSB, DNG, FFF, TIFF files.

It reads Exif, XMP and IPTC and knows exactly which to use.

Automatic import for RAW files from XMP sidecar files is also supported.

Add custom metadata fields for any additional information you would like to attach to the pictures. This information can either be automatically extracted from the files, or manually typed by you.

Let’s hope that nextcloud add it soon :slight_smile:


We’re still waiting for this in the snap world, any update?

@kyrofa please read the thread. Moved to 18.0.4

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Perhaps what I should have asked was: is this still on track for 18.0.4? Given the PRs I’ve found I think it is, but I was hoping for a confirmation.

Yes, it’s merged and waiting for release :slight_smile:


Great. It works fine. Thanks

Will it also be fixed that for large folders the photos app makes firefox report a site slowing down the browser and asks whether to wait or stop it? Or would that be an yet unknown issue with 18.0.3?