DiscoveryService::refetch() error in richdocuments after upgrade to NC28

I performed the upgrade several days ago and have been seeing numerous errors in the log file, thousands of them over the past 3 weeks reporting “Error
Call to undefined method OCA\Richdocuments\Service\DiscoveryService::refetch()
Could not boot richdocuments: Call to undefined method OCA\Richdocuments\Service\DiscoveryService::refetch()” I did see that a fix for this is forthcoming. But wait, there’s more!

Yesterday, the server stopped syncing newly created files and this evening, from within the web interface, all the files that were previously sync’d are missing from within NC 28.0.1. Of note, all the files still exist on the data drives, but NC is no longer recognizing them. Other accounts on the server are not reporting this issue. Also of note, many of the files and directories on the server have added an apostrophe before and after the file or directory name (from Tips and Tricks to ‘Tips and Tricks’). Luckily, this has not impacted the files stored on the system that was sync’ing with NC.

there is already a thread about your error:

and the bug tracker:

Then you can apply the fix as well.

Synced, you mean files from the desktop clients. So only files that were uploaded through web-interface are present?

I’d try to see if I managed to find the time when it happened and then check the logs, which process did that. Some client, or the server itself, or the cronjob, … workflows perhaps might change the file names, if you use them. Are these all files, or just ‘special’ ones (e.g. with non ASCII characters, spaces, …).


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