Disable recording of voice messages and calls in nextcloud 28

Is there any option to globally stop voice recording and voice messages in Nextcloud talk? (Version used nc28) since i wasnt able to find any mention in https://nextcloud-talk.readthedocs.io

correct me if I’m wrong but recording doesn’t work “itself”. I you have to setup “recording backend” to allow recording of Talk calls. If you don’t require recording just don’t setup the backend…

Without a recording backend configured it will save it under the nextcloud data path under the user folder.

You’re right for call recording, but voice messages are independent of that.

Currently it’s not possible, see Add the ability to disable recording voice messages · Issue #6788 · nextcloud/spreed · GitHub

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If the user Quota is set to 0B the ability to sent voice recordings gets disabled, however this also disables the image / document sharing.

Well, yes, since voice messages are just audio files being uploaded. No quota, no upload

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