Developing cross platform desktop tasks app

I’m creating a desktop tasks app for all OSes using tauri, angular, and an express backend. Currently I am able to log into a server and receive calendar data back - but I was wondering if there are any other dev who would be interested in contributing?

I haven’t uploaded my code to git yet but I plan to do that tonight and I’ll update the post with the source code if anyone wants to hack at it and help me improve things

it just occurred to me yesterday how big the undertaking of this app is and just thought I’d reach out and see if there is any interest for it

Just a general content from my side: keep in mind that there is already a task app present. So, you should ask yourself: what makes your app different from the app present.

If you are focusing on the frontend part, that is fine. But then an integration with existing solutions might be the way to go.

Just my 50 CT, no offense.

task SO?

I’m unaware of any way to get tasks besides calDAV?

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant app.

If there is another interface, i do not know for now. I would have to check.

Is there no WebDAV Javascript library available so that WebDAV is in general not possible?

oh - what is the current desktop app? I haven’t been able to find one

and yes, I’m using the ts-dav npm package to get data back to avoid having to parse the xml from the server into json

I was not taking off a desktop app but the tasks app of nextcloud.

oooohhh okay, I see, I was aware of that -

I just don’t like using the web interface for managing tasks, or doing anything really.

I want a nicer looking UI and an application that I can let live in my tray area when not in use, and even add some features on top of nextcloud tasks implementation like 2do app does on Mobile

Ok, now back to the original question. Should the Javascript tool you want to develop be a nextcloud app? Or should it be completely external? What would you need from a fellow developer?

I mean there is a general solution already available (web frontend). So, you will need to provide some details about what makes your approach unique. You get the point?

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it’s meant to be completely external and runs in a native window for whatever DE the user is running, and provide a nicer interface for task management for users who wish to work with their tasks outside the browser


I would be interested as a user in such an app. If you have specific questions about your code it will be easier for fellow developers to help you :slight_smile: but of course just publishing the code for feedback would also work.

awesome to hear! And I don’t so much have questions about HOW to do it as much as I’d just like help with all the work, if anyone is interested of course.

Honestly I got distracted last night fixing depreciated neovim plugins when I started my editor and never actually uploaded the code to git lmao - I’ll upload all the code in just a moment when I get done at the bank.

I’m honestly curious if someone else used to to login to their server if it would work - I did so much tinkering to my server to allow localhost requests idk if I actually fixed cors errors or modified a server setting that makes it work

The cross platform I’m aware of for Tasks would be Thunderbird. It includes native support for Caldav / cardav in the latest releases and can be used with tasks as a desktop client on all architectures and operating systems.

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Wow - Thunderbird will never cease to amaze me

How could I forget the ever fantastic Super Productivity

I was finally able to get VTODO data back today on the Angular side of the application!!

Also got the codebase uploaded to Git if anyone wants to clone it and see if it’ll let you login to the server.

Here is a gif of what I’ve made so far:

It’s still rudimentary, but it’s getting data! That’s something. It sure was a headache to make happen!


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