Desktop Client: problematic or okay to update?

Continuing the discussion from Desktop Client 3.0.1 is here, 2nd beta of Nextcloud 20 and 1st beta of Talk 10:

Are people running into difficulty with the update from 2.6.5 to 3.0.1? Just checking before I make the update on the desktop client. Thanks.

I do not think there are is issues with updating because I updated from 2.6.5 to 3.0.1 without problems. The interface is new. The activities tab is not in the main GUI. The activities overview is a small pop up list from the system tray which is too small to show full file names. I also had a message about a sync conflict on which I was asked to click but clicking had no effect. From the pop up list I could not find out which the problem files were because it did not show the full file names. I ran the 3.0.1 installer selected remove, downloaded 2.6.5 from and installed that.

Hope this helps, JackV

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Op 8 sep. 2020, om 22:02, James via Nextcloud community <> schreef:

Exactly what I wanted to confirm. Thank you!

I have not encountered any problems with v3.0.1 personally.

Hi KarlF12,
maybe you can help me out here…
The GUI in 2.6.5 has 4 tabs for me.
From Left to right :
“Account name with folder overview”,
“Activity with all activities”,
“General with settings”,
“Network with network settings”.
I can resize the window on the “Activity” tab so I can see full file names. When there are conflict notifications I can click on them and the Windows Explorer opens.
From 3.0.0 the GUI is different and I can not find how to configure it so it looks like the “old” GUI. Also clicking on conflict notifications does not start the Windows Explorer.

There is a bug report for that:

What is the behaviour on downgrading? More specifically, how are the conflicts handled?

I have updated to 3.0.1 and noticed a significant delay in the sync, as if the full logs had been deleted and had to be recreated. After more than a day it started syncing and now I have many conflicts. However, I am not sure where all the conflicts are, how they can be solved and if downgrading will again result in such a delay of sync.

Thanks in advance for sharing!

First about locating the conflicts.

I used Windows Explorer to find all files with names containing (conflict

Including the ‘(’ The files with (conflict in the name were the original files on my laptop. There were also versions of the files with the right names which came from my server (Raspberry Pi). I removed the files with (conflict in the name. After that I removed 3.0.1 and installed 2.6.5

My downgrade was easy and fast. Just ran the installer of 3.0.1 and selected the option to uninstall. After that I ran the installer for 2.6.5 and everything was fine.

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I’ve noticed a few of my files have started getting “Locked” after upgrading to the new client. I have to sometimes deleted the entries in the locked tables of the database to make them sync correctly again. Also, I’m not a fan of the new GUI. It’s not very helpful and I miss being able to “Pause Sync” from the tray icon. It feels like a step backwards.

@JackV Thanks for mentioning that. Here it is on Github. You can click the thumbs up button there to increase awareness.

I’ve encountered few issues as well.

  1. The conflict issue is one.
  2. Resync of everything and the need to restart the client few times to get this solved.
  3. Download (sync) speed is very very low with no visible reason. Downloading from the server gets 10Mbps easy, 3.0.1 client gets barley 200kbps.

With a colleague, we started to test nextcloud with sync client 3.0.1. Both of us noticed that when a folder is added to the nextcloud directory, this version is unable to sync the contents of subfolders.

We are both using mac OS, and it could be that sync client 3.0.1 works fine on another OS.

Then, we rolled back to 2.3.3 (84), which does handle subfolders properly.

I’m struggling with this issue here:

Kinda sad to have these 2 issues in 3.*

  1. Awkward and mostly useless new GUI
  2. Forgot config settings/folder selections

I’ve downgraded my client now. Please test more before releasing next time!