Desktop Client 3.7 with new share dialog, better syncing and more!

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The latest version of the Nextcloud desktop client introduces a series of nice improvements.

Update: 3.7.0 Desktop client version had a crash that was discovered after the final binaries were built. This is fixed in the latest released version of Desktop client 3.7.1. Please update to the latest version.

What’s new?

💫 Rewritten share dialog

💬 Interactive Talk notifications

🔒 Lock file when editing locally

🔄 Resync button & sync improvements

Check the full changelog with many fixes and improvements! See for yourself what’s new by watching the snippets below.

Rewritten share dialogue

There are several user interface improvements of the share feature.

Add as many links as you want to share and easily unshare them too with a click.

Interactive Talk notifications

On MacOS, Nextcloud Talk messages now pop up in your browser and can be replied to right there. You don’t have to switch tabs, windows or get out of your work zone to reply to a message.

Resync button & sync improvements

The team also made a ton of improvements to the sync process, to improve the reliability and speed of syncing and to deal more gracefully with server or network errors.

Your file details now show within the tray dialogue rather than in a separate dialogue.

Lock file while editing locally

Easily lock your file when editing locally.

Thank you 🙇 to our amazing community!

A big thank you goes out to all the awesome members of our community that regularly help us make Nextcloud better by translating Nextcloud to other languages or reporting and fixing issues!

Would you like to contribute to our Desktop client too? Check out all you need to know here.


We appreciate your feedback! Feel free to share your comments with us or continue the discussion in our forums. What’s the best thing about the Nextcloud desktop client so far?


The install page is still serving 3.6.6. Presumably it will be along in a day or so?


Early adopters can check for packages.
Please provide feedback at Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub if you encounter any issues.

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Installed the 3.7.0-rc1from source on Neon Linux with Plasma KDE. I had to install the libkf5archive-dev package. Compiled fine, no install problems, no issues so far.

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Struggling to understand why version 3.6.6. is still being offered as the current stable release 5 days after 3.7.0 released and 4 days after the above blog post published. Then I see on github that 3.7.1 is now tagged, so assuming there was something broken in 3.7.0.


The videos are not working?! I can’t see/start it in your first post

Try the link at the very top of the post. It takes you to the original article where the videos are working for me…

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Update: 3.7.0 Desktop client version had a crash that was discovered after the final binaries were built. Note that this is fixed in the latest released version of Desktop client 3.7.1. Please update to the latest version.


Why is this post not linked in Release Release 3.7.1 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub ?

The git log that is trying to be sold as a changelog makes it rather difficult to discover the changes in the release.

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The git log is the change log, targeted at technical people. Nothing is being sold on GitHub. However, this post is a news article from their corporate blog, which advertises new features to customers and end users. So if anything is being sold, it is being sold in blog articles like that on their official web site.


I would count myself as very technical and I cannot asses when updating the nextcloud-desktop package in NixOS if there is any relevant changes I need to take care unless I read through the entire git log and in question also look at the commits. I do not really have the time to do that for every release, so more often I just update the package and if it doesn’t crash or break otherwise in the first minutes of using it, it will be merged.

In the meantime there is 3.7.2. What is the reason for this rapid release sequence?

Also 3.7.3

3.7.0 had a bug (crash)
3.7.1 fixed that but translations have been missing
3.7.2 included more translations but crashed german
3.7.3 fixes german again


Luckily, that was the end of the trouble. We’ll have a review of our release process - that wasn’t fun and should be avoided…

Note that you can help us test release candidates of our desktop clients, which can help us catch these things in advance!


In older days there was a testpilot package for the client. That allowed you to install a beta besides (parallel) to your production client. That would be really helpful. Otherwise you need one more OS just for testing or uninstalling/installing on your daily OS.
Would this be a way you will go?

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What about Windows 32 bit client builds?

Even if Microsoft no longer sells new Windows 32-bit versions, the existing ones will continue to be provided with updates and security patches “for as long as their devices remain usable.”

Do I have to compile my 32-bit versions myself in the future or will there be official builds again at some point?

The reason why there are no more 32-bit builds is afaik the QT framework, which no longer offers 32-bit binaries. So you would not only have to compile the Nextcloud client itself, but also its dependencies… Why is there no 32-bit MinGW in qt6.0.1? | Qt Forum

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