No 32-bit (x86) desktop client since 3.6.0-rc2 (Windows). Did I miss an announcement?

I could not find the x86-Version of the Windows Client Version 3.6.0
Is there a reason? The x86 Release-Candidates are present.

I would like to bring this question up again, since we are already on the 3.7.+ desktop client.
Did I miss any notice announcing the end of 32-bit support?
I use an Intel Compute Stick with 32-bit Windows 10 in my truck and all my work is based on Nextcloud and the desktop client. Version 3.5.4 still works, but I don’t want to be technologically cut off at some point.
Are there maybe any builds for x86 / 32-bit outside of this directory: Index of /desktop?
The latest build for 32-bit (x86) is the Nextcloud-3.6.0-rc2-x86.msi (prerelease) from 19.08.2022.
I know that such builds are often still being built privately somewhere, I don’t have a build environment for windows to build it myself and I can imagine that I’m not the only one who misses the 32-bit client. So I would be verry grateful for any hint.
Normaly I would have asked this question in, but it tells me to ask questions here, but when nobody answers, I will have to ask it there.

The reason why there are no more 32-bit builds is afaik the QT framework, which no longer offers 32-bit binaries. So you would not only have to compile the Nextcloud client itself, but also its dependencies… Why is there no 32-bit MinGW in qt6.0.1? | Qt Forum


First I thought your Answer was the solution but when I look here, it says that Qt 5.15 is required:

wich has 32 bit support as you can see:

I also didn’t see anywhere in the changelog that it was bumped to Qt 6

So my question remains and is unfortunately not solved:

Did I miss something?

Ok, then I don’t know why they don’t offer 32-bit builds anymore. For some reason I was under the impression that they had switched to QT6 at some point. I guess I was wrong about that…