Desktop Client 3.0.1 is here, 2nd beta of Nextcloud 20 and 1st beta of Talk 10

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Just two weeks after the launch of version 3.0 of our desktop client, a minor release was made available with a number of bug fixes. The Talk team published a beta of Talk 10 today, and the Nextcloud 20 beta 2 came out yesterday!

Desktop client 3.0.1

Most of the changes are small, with some related to building the client properly, and improving the end-to-end encryption setting handling. The changelog is below.

  • Support client builds on VS2019
  • Do not build for Eoan
  • Windows shell extensions: Use custom GUIDs via CMake and prepare MSI reg
  • Present sharing of E2EE files from the main dialog too
  • Disable context menu actions for E2EE files and folders
  • Show the “Display mnemonic” button only when we know e2e is supported
  • Make sure we don’t assert when calling fileStatus

You can get it on our download page.

Nextcloud 20 beta 2

Our work on the upcoming major release is also progressing swiftly. A second beta has been made available which can certainly benefit from testing of the upgrade path, as well as the many improvements! As usual, we don’t want to spoil what is new yet, keeping it for our big reveal, so try it out for yourself.

Help us test these features, grab the beta here and install the test versions of the apps you care about.

Talk 10 first Beta

You can now help test the upcoming Talk 10 with the first beta. This release requires Nextcloud 20 Beta 2!

You can download it here.

Of course, lots of apps also have new test and beta versions out, so – enjoy and share your feedback here below or with github issues!


Hello @jospoortvliet,

please add link to download the client next time. Thank you.


This makes testing a bit like a mystery box. If you don’t know what to look for, bug reporting is getting a bit difficult.


yes, I would much rather just talk about what’s new, but that would be shooting ourselves in the foot with the press. So we can’t.

But believe me, much of the changes are VERY obvious. Also, most of the most critical testing is to test upgrading. So if you make a backup of your current system and upgrade it to the beta and note no issues, you made a BIG contribution. If you note issues and report them, you also made a big contribution :wink:

Awesome. Had no trouble manually installing 10.0.0-beta1 on 20.0.0-beta3. Only issue is the system wanting to update Talk direct from the admin panel to beta2. Talk widget looks great. Drag and drop for re-arranging widgets is a nice touch.

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I upgraded to Desktop client 3.0.1 but I think it was a mistake as the old version did all I need. It defaulted to whinging about folders bigger than 500MB until I found the option to turn it off. Really 500MB is considered too big nowadays? I have 147GB synchronised to an RPI4!

It also lost one of my folder sync connections, so I had to make it again. Why?

Although it seems to be running in the background there is no system tray icon to access it. I can get the GUI up from the start menu but what happened to the system tray icon?

And the new activity view is too small to see my filenames and there doesn’t seem to be a way to resize it or move it from the top right corner as it is no longer a proper window on Win7.

Is it safe to go back to 2.6.5?


It is not about “big”. There should be a limit before auto synching new folders.

For your update problem:
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Same on Mac OS - really annoying, especially since clicking on a file with a sync error doesnt lead you to the file anymore, it leads me to our nextclouds login page, after login, nothing to check the files


I went back to 2.6.5 and it works fine again, with a system tray icon that brings up a proper window that can be resized and moved. I will stick with that as I can’t see any reason to update a file sync application that correctly synchronises files.

These are not new folders, they were already synced with the previous version. The update must have switched back on the warning, unticked some of the folders and removed some of the connections.

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Also going back to old client on the mac - anybody happens to have download folders at hand?

Found old version, works perfect in that regard, so strange that major updates break basic functionalities sometimes…

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@jospoortvliet Where can I write a ticket for the new dashboard app? Didn’t found an app specific repository. In the server repo? The dashboard doesn’t work here. Generates just a white page with a logo and an avatar.

@lars-becker I just asked about this as well and seems we should be using the main server repo.

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I removed the new version for this reason and downloaded 2.6.5 from and installed that.
Did not have to re-add accounts. They were still there and everything works fine :slight_smile:

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About the downgrade; lot’s of work to be done by hand - or a so to say simple un-/ and reinstall?

I’ve just updated and the 3.0.1 produces issues like f…


Just run the 3.0.1 installer, select remove to uninstall, run the 2.6.5 installer and that’s it.

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Op 9 sep. 2020, om 20:12, Rufio Hugo via Nextcloud community <> schreef:

client 3.0.1 just install and just desinstall on mac and go back 2.6.5
what this “bouiboui” !!!
view is too small
synchronise all the folder by default
when we want to correct conflict, open the web cloud instead of go to the file in the finder

nothing good in this view!!


Same problems here, downgrading helped.

I really wonder why such a client was put out (301), especially it being the first correction of a major version. really damages the nextcloud experience.

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Also back in 2.6.5. Will wait some time until upgrading again.