Delta Sync within Desktop Apps

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see delta sync within the desktop apps. I use the sync clients like crazy between multiple machines and certain files do not sync when changed.

Specifically a keepass file etc. Similar to Dropbox, would love to see the client able to sync at the delta level :slight_smile:



delta sync wouldn’t change anything for keepass file I think.
I use Keepass ( and have no trouble syncing it with ownCloud ; what kind of problem do you have with yours ?

Delta sync is most useful when you sync container files (trueCrypt, virtual disk files and so on) for instance.

Anything compressed usually doesn’t benefit at all from delta syncing, so what does it leave that people use NC for?

It doesn’t work for:

  • office documents
  • images
  • encrypted files
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Exactly, trueCrypt stuff… I have some tax documents I’d like to sync etc that I notice don’t.

Most other sync programs have a delta sync happening so that it WILL sync properly.

Well, for this use case (encrypted containers/files), instead of addressing it with delta sync I’m currently working on client-side encryption :
This way you can sync your sensitive files without disclosing them to the server, so syncing the container is no longer necessary.

Does it make sense to open again all feature requests that were already present in owncloud? Can’t they just be copied to the new repo? Most of them will be valid for nextcloud as well.

Copying issues isn’t possible :grin: …I don’t know which procedure is planned about all the enhancements :confused: @LukasReschke … I can say that we are currently accepting enhancements on GitHub :sweat_smile:

Yes … But i don’t think that we do the same work twice … Maybe we will just merge the pulls of ownCloud in Nextcloud too (as long as they meet our targets - which might be different. Think this will be clarified in the coming weeks … It can be that the both projects will go such different ways that they stay not compatible to each other (asked here: … Many questions … Answers coming in the next weeks (…and maybe at the BBQ this week :beers:)

This might help :
or this :
Never used it, but given the number of current issues it would be a shame to just lose all this information.


When? Where? :grinning:

This week in Stuttgart:

We will publish infos on that one later. Likely Wednesday or so. Will try to get some more infos tomorrow and post that big in the forum then :slight_smile:

If somebody uses the :beers:-emoji everybody asks “When?” “Where?” :laughing: Meetings / Events

Nice. Didn’t see this yet. But I don’t know (and I don’t think) whether we are allowed to do that :sweat_smile: @LukasReschke

Delta Sync would indeed be an awesome feature. Here’s the corresponding Nextcloud server issue on Github: Requesting delta-sync in longterm #417

Keep pretending this isn’t needed just because you don’t need it. I’m sure it will do wonders to NC’s mass adoption.