Meetings / Events

…will there be some meetings or events in the next time? :beers:

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On a related note, if you are around Stuttgart we will very likely have a BBQ this week and invite everyone to join us. We’ll announce more details later :slight_smile:

cc @frank @jan @jospoortvliet

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Nice idea. I’ll be there :slight_smile:

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If you’re in the area, we’d love to see you show up Wednesday at Egilolfstraße 31, Plieningen/Hohenheim near Stuttgart Airport. Nearest public transport would be either U3 Plieningen or S2/3 Flughafen/Messe.

Come between 6 and 8 or so, we’ve got beer cold :wink:

I’ll blog about it soon.

Would like to … But i am not there on this day :unamused: …i will definitly join some other events :wink:

@mar1u5 Do you have time on another day? Maybe we can arrange something :wink:

cc @jospoortvliet @jan @frank