Delete single activity part of a repeating activity in Calendar

I’d like to see a feature added to the Calendar app that allows for the deletion of a single activity that is part of a repeating schedule. For instance, I have my calendar set to populate my work schedule which is a set schedule, but when I go to delete a single activity for when a day off is needed, it deletes all scheduled activities within that repeating schedule. This has happened to me twice since I forgot that this had happened once already. For now, I will utilize an additional scheduled activity to signify that an event is canceled.


Yes thats extremely annoying when you use calendars on your phone or Thunderbird Lightning. When you remove the single entry in Jorte Calendar, you get two identical entries in the server app and in lightning you get 2 entries, where one is crossed out and the other isn’t. And I’m not sure on which side the issue is, but somehow this is not handled in a consistent way. At least the server and Lightning shouldn’t interpret a change in different ways.

When you edit a single event of a repeating activity also is edit all events. Nextcloud should allow edit or delete a single activity.

As I see it, the only way to change a singel event form a series, is by the following workflow:

  1. Lookup when the series ends
  2. End the series before the event you want to change
  3. Create a new single event
  4. Create a new series starting after the event you just added and ending on the date you got form 1.

Am I missing something? …because otherwise this makes the calendar basically unusable for me.

You are correct. I am running Calendar 1.2.2 on NC 9.0.51 and if I edit or delete a single entry in a repeating activity all past and future activities are changed.

I don’t use repeating events because of this. It is a headache and I can’t wait for a fix in this functionality.

I think it would really be helpful to get the choice to edit or delete all or only the selected occurrence of an event. I wish I could! I just decide to test Nextcloud on Yunohost, but don’t want yet to organize my calendars direclty with it.
I’m using Thunderbird Lihgtnin’ and have many repeating but unregular events.
Is there a way to synchronize FROM Thunderbird TO Nextcloud?


Definitively a must! :+1:

The good news is this feature is on track for the next release of the NextCloud Calendar App. Be patient, it’s coming soon… :wink:

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Is there any update on this feature please? I’m keen to migrate from my current bigcorp’s calendar, but need this feature to make it workable for me.

Many thanks

Jep, waiting for this as well, any news?
Ah okay further discussion on github.


Any news ? It’s been 4 years, and it’s still not possible to remove an occurence from a recurring meeting…

This is a very basic functionality that is missing here…