Calendar recurring events


i have a problem with recurring events. I want to create an events every second monday of every 4th month. i can create this type of event in my android without problem, but they are not synced with nc. every other kind of event works like a charm.
Is there any chance to create this types of event in the webinterface or get this events synced.

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After the complete rewrite of the Calendar app this repeating rule is not implemented yet.

I have created an event with your criteria and the event was synced properly. The web app shows the event correctly.

About recurring events, is it possible to change the time and place for one instance only? As of this moment, when I change an instance, it affects all previous and future events, which might cause a conflict in any future events. If it is not possible at the moment, is it planned for future revisions?

@Ivan_Yosifov So far, I was unable to edit a single occurrence of a repeating events.
There is another thread about this feature request.