Delete share of subfolder created by other User inside a groupfolder

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Maybe i missed it somehow, but after a long time of googling around and researching i didn’t find any solution for this:

I have a groupfolder which is owned by a group of 5 people. These 5 users regularly share different subfolders to different users, who are of course not part of the groupfolder-owner-group. The problem is: everyone of the 5 folder “admins” can see the shares created by the other admins, but you can not delete them. you can only unshare the folders, which you have shared yourself.

I hope it’s kinda understandable what my problem is, maybe there is an upcoming fix (possible?) for that? Or maybe there is another solution which i haven’t found yet.

Thank you!

You are right. That’s an interesting thing.
Of course group folders and their contents do not belong to any user.
The shares are the personal shares of the individual users and cannot be changed or deleted by other users. In principle, this is inconsistent, because in other cases everyone has the same rights (e.g. when recovering deleted files).

The whole thing becomes really interesting when user A has shared a folder with user B who is not part of the group and user A then leaves the group.
In the folder details it is further shown that user A shares the folder with user B. But user B no longer sees the shared folder.
And no one can delete the former group member’s share because no one has access to it. When user A is added back to the group, the shared folder is displayed again to user B, and user A of course has access to the shared folder again and could delete the share.

I have reported an issue here:

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