Delete my User Account from


i would like to delete my user account from Where can i do this?
I didn’t found any button or other solution like “close Account” or anyone else.

We can anonymize your account. So it is disabled and your contributions are still readable as user anonymousxyz.

Nextcloud is all about privacy. Why would the team disable the delete my account functionality of Discourse? I think there is sth. like that if you enable it.

I anonymized the account.

The philosophy of user accounts is implemented like this in discourse. In some way it sticks with the open source idea, you can check the forum for help and solutions, you can ask and get answers but once the community makes the effort to help and provide a solution, it is in its interest to keep the questions and answers for other users.

IMHO forum posts often cotain personal info too (logs with cloud URLs and sth. like that) so changing the username is quite useless.

You should sanitize your logs before posting.

If we see usernames and credentials, we usually remove them.

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