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Hello! I just installed the rainloop app on my Nextcloud 12.01 server. I went into it to configure it and the default username/password should be admin/12345. However, when I enter those credentials it gives me an authentication error. Is there another set of credentials I should be using?

ummm b/c i just got trapped here as well…
here’s what i did.

to be able to enter your admin-standard password you need to either enter the following link directly into your browser (after logging in to NC, of course) https://yourdomain.tld/index.php/apps/rainloop/app/?admin

or you go to your admin-account in NC click settings (upper right corner) and then go down to “additional settings”, find “RainLoop Webmail”-Section and click “GoTo RainLoop Webmail admin Panel”…

you can access adminpanel/enter the standards only using these.

Make a FAQ :smiley:

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bwahahaha @JasonBayton

it would be a VERY short FAQ as long as i can’t give anyone more information about it… so the above comment alreay IS the howto… but wells… i will try :yum:

just did it. easier than i thought it was!