Default encryption module without server-side

Hi, it’s possible to use the Default encryption module without the server-side encryption?
thx =)

Without server-side encryption, you don’t need any encryption module.


I recently came upon a new usecase when it could be desirable to disable encryption on certain scenarios. My example:

I have a sftp server configured to point to a webserver root directory using a lightweight cms (pico). I edit the pages through a ssh console and a console text editor, but it could be nice if I can manage those files through my NC server. I could configure that sftp as a external storage, but since my NC has encryption enabled, I cannot use it to manage my web page.

It would be nice if encryption could be configured per-directory in my NC server. Unfortunately I haven’t find an equivalent solution. I would be grateful if anyone has found a solution or if the developers implement this functionality. And thanks to the devs for making NC :slight_smile:
Best regards.

Normally, it should be possible to select for an external storage if it should be encrypted or not (but not on a folder basis).

There was an announcement recently that they are implementing a client-side encryption which can be used on selected folders:

ETA: NC 13