Deck Upcoming Cards - How does the filter work? Configurable?

I really like Deck but I don’t understand how the filter for upcoming cards does work.
When I create a card and assign it to me, I don’t see it when it is created in my personal board.
When it is created in a shared board from another user and assigned to me, then it is listed.
I can’t figure out why…

Is there a way to configure the filter for upcoming cards?
Because I don’t want to see cards that is in a list like “Done” or has a specific keyword.

And one last question:
Can new cards made by me be automatically be addressed to me?

Well, we (as developers of the Deck Android app) had similar issues while trying to adapt the logic.

Starting with Deck 1.5 cards will appear in the upcoming view if one of the following two cases matches:

  • Card has a due date AND card is in a not shared board
  • Card is in a board which is also shared with others AND (card is assigned to you OR (card has a due date AND nobody is assigned to the card))

I hope this is readable (pay attention to the brackets, the second case is a bit more complex). Also see the upcoming analyzer tool i wrote to help explain why cards are or are not visible in the Upcoming Cards view.

cc @juliushaertl as maintainer of the Deck server app who can confirm / explain / correct this logic.

Is there a way to configure the filter for upcoming cards?

Can new cards made by me be automatically be addressed to me?

Not yet, but i am also not aware of an existing issue about this question. I propose you create a new feature request for this.

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Thanks for the detailed answer!
I will make a request. That’s the least I can do.

I tried to make a feature request, but unfortunately they felt that this function was not needed and the request was closed within a few minutes.
I would have hoped for a bit more openness and willingness to discuss.

Edit: I just realized, that I was the one who accidentally closed the ticket. :frowning:
It is open again…

Since this topic got quite a few clicks, i thought that providing a little more help for the first question won’t be bad. Therefore i wrote a little tool yesterday which helps you to check why you can or can’t see cards in the Upcoming Cards view of the Deck app.

This is a documentation of the current state and should not be justified as “good” or “bad” - it just explains how it is today :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your work.
But still I don’t understand the sense why assigned cards are only shown to me if they are in a shared board.
Unfortunately, I can’t help the community in this area more than posting my ideas and suggestions for improvement.

As i wrote: This is just a neutral documentation of the status quo. I didn’t invent this mechanism and do not have the power of changing it.

According to the rules, assigned cards will also be shown in not shared boards - as long as they have a due date set.

If you want to request changes, you will have to open a feature request in the Nextcloud Deck server repository at GitHub. The Deck Android app will adapt all changes from the Deck server app.

I wanted to open a feature request, but I found another entry filed as bug: No cards showing in 'No due' column on Upcoming cards view · Issue #2641 · nextcloud/deck · GitHub

hi is there a way to configure the filters, i could not find the location in the php files to change

or there is a way we can mention in some config file of deck app

Hello and welcome to the community help forum :wave:

Please read the whole thread before asking the same questions multiple times. I already linked a GitHub issue related to your question.

The current mechanism is hard coded and not configurable. I highly recommend you to not monkey patch any php files of the Deck app directly as the changes will be overidden with the next update.

Dear Stefan

I didnt mean to offend you by any chance.

Please note i was asking so i could work on a forked version of the deck, not on monkey patch php files and maybe try to create a configuration page for the same in settings.

you guidance will be highly appreciated