DAVdroid over Tor gives HTTP 405 Method not allowed

I’ve got a Nextcloud 13.0.6 instance up and running. And now I’m trying to connect DAVdroid version 2.0.3-ose to it over Tor. On the same Android device I’ve got DAVdroid on I’ve also tested with Orfox to connect to the URL http://hidden.onion/owncloud/remote.php/dav/ and I get back “This is the WebDAV interface…” So I know the tor connection is up and running. But when I try with DAVdroid I get “405 error method not allowed”

I saw this issue Connection with DAVdroid impossible - "405 error method not allowed"

So I edited my …/lib/base.php and it now has this
$incompatibleUserAgents = [
// OS X Finder
Unfortunately that didn’t change anything I still the HTTP 405

Any advice?