Davdroid / NC 10.0.1 / OVH : cal & card are synched but without content


I just migrated from an
ownloud 9.1.1 to the latest NextCloud 10.0.1.
First of all, a huge thank
you to the developers and the community for this great software.
Since oc5 or 6, it is the
first time I upgraded my server without any issues that were usually
driving me to re-install all from scratch.

Although I have an issue with Contacts & Calendar synch to my mobile.
I checked the following but could not find a working solution:

Set up:

  • NextCloud 10.0.1 on an OVH
    shared host
  • installed a sub-directory
  • /data at the root of home
    directory (not in www/directory_for_nextcloud/)
  • Mobile: Android 6.0.1
  • Mobile Nextcloud sync client: 1.3.1 from F-Droid
  • Sync app: DavDroid installed from F-Droid
  • also installed: CardDAV-Sync free from Google Play Store
  • Calendar app: “S Planner”
  • Contacts: default android Contacts app I guess.

What happens:
1- I used the very nice new feature from NextCloud client / Settings / Configure agenda&contact synch (DAVdroid 1.3.0+) …
The generated address is like https://www.mydomain.com/directory_for_nextcloud/
The user account name is retrieved
Then I only type my password to complete the account creation
No visible issue here.

2- Then I go to my account,
select DAVdroid / manage account, and I activate an addressbook and a
calendar to be used, and click on the sync icon.
No visible issue here.

3- Issue > When I use S
Planner or Contacts, I see the addressbook and calendars, but no data

4- working: the creation of
addressbook and calendars from DAVdroid works, but no data within is
exchanged between the phone and the server.

Other tests:

301 /.well-known/caldav /directory_for_nextcloud/remote.php/dav

Thank you,

Testing again the tips from the 2 posts above, I found the fix:
I added the value ‘/^DAVdroid/’, to the file /lib/base.php

        $incompatibleUserAgents = [
            // OS X Finder

This now working well :wink: