Data Directory and Database in LXC Container

Hello! I am endeavoring to move nextcloudpi into an lxc instead of a vm (I use proxmox) in order to reduce resources (and improve my backup architecture).

I created a debian 10 LXC and installed ncp on it. I don’t have the nc-datadir and nc-database commands available. Is this expected? The docker container appears to also not have those features so I am not terribly surprised.

I am re-using the same HDD that was passed through to the vm, so I’d like to mount the HDD to the host OS, and pass it through to the datadirectory of the container. How should I do so?

Should I use a bind mount point that points from the path on the host to /var/www/nextcloud/data inside the container? Or is there some equivalent to the -v flag that is used for docker containers?

There is a huge thread about ncp and lxc on Proxmox.

I think they can probably help you or you can support them with descriptions your issues.