Dashboard upcoming events show x years ago

For some reason my Nextcloud Dashboard Upcoming Events shows the events I would expect, but the date shows years ago. For example, my friend John’s birthday is on Thursday of this week yet the Upcoming Events shows it as ‘4 years ago’. Clicking on it takes me to the Nextcloud calendar which shows the correct date. The server time is correct as it the Nextcloud time settings. Everything else is working perfectly.

I am running Nextcloud and mariadb as linuxserver docker containers. I am running Nextcloud Hub 6 (27.1.0). I have stopped and deleted both containers and images and re-created them. The upcoming events still show ‘x years ago’. I have rebooted the server on which the docker containers are running. I have rebooted my computer.

EDIT: I just noticed only long-term calendar items are showing, hence the birthday which is a repeating event. No other upcoming events are included. How can I put this right?

Any ideas?


I have the exact same issue after upgrading to 27.1.0 - Though I am not running it in docker but in a VM - LEMP.

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I have the same error after upgrading to 27.1.0

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Same here.
Theres a “<” where a “>” should be.

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Same here, Nextcloud 27.1.0

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Hello, i have the same problem. After update to 27.1.1 it’s the same problem. No solution.

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Same here - here’s a screenshot:

Nextcloud Server: 27.1.1
Dashboard app: 7.7.0
Calendar app: 4.5.1

How do we get someone to investigate the problem? I thought it might have been picked up by posting it here . . .

I submitted a Github issue, here:

It’s not clear from the Community Guidelines whether posting here is enough. The guidelines state “If you have questions about how to install or use Nextcloud, please direct these to our forum”, but doesn’t indicate how to handle bug reports that are reported on the forums.

EDIT: Updated Github issue link, as I had incorrectly opened the issue in nextcloud/server instead of nextcloud/calendar.