Customize Welcome Email Text

Hi forum!
I’m trying to customize welcome email text (just text for now, not style), in a NC 17 Istance.
I found in several suggestions to use the under ->admin ->additional settings -> Mail templates .

But, in my installation, i don’t have any “Mail templates” setting under “Additional setting” in admin settings.
Do I need to create a new template using Php classes?

Thanks to everybody

@mrcrutch hey and welcome to the forum…

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so those two links might have not caught your attention - but they are considered really important for the better of the forum



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so… you seem to haven’t really searched the forum nor the manual for already existing hints, suggestions, solutions… because otherwise you would have found some maybe helpful threads for your demands…

and so on…
i hope that this would be a nice first step to dive into that issue of yours.

awwwww… btw: it would be nice if you would tell the forum what exactly you did do to solve your problem… in an answer to this thread - whichn then will mark the solution :wink:

thank you in advance for your effort :slight_smile:

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