Custom string in English and German translation

Hi there,

we would like to modify the string “Username or email” in the login-form for us in the English and German language. What is way to go? Of cause we don’t want it to be reset (overwritten) once we update Nextcloud. Version is
Warm regards, Tom

Hello Tom,

each release contains all available Translations at the packaging date.
All translations are done using the Transifex platform.
Each update (minor, major) will overwrite existing translations. You have to merge your modifications each time you update your installation.

Please see Translation knowledge (valid for the entire Nextcloud project) - Wiki for better understanding.

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Good, to know. Thanks! I remember from another project in the past that there was an option of adding custom tanslation-strings which would overrule the “global” ones, if exists. Those custom files would not be overwritten/deleted upon update.
That would be nice to have…
Warm regards and thanks for the good work!

if the (english) string in the source code does not change with a new release, which is usually the case, you can easily adjust the translation with every release change, e.g. with sed in the translation file in /var/www/nextcloud/core/l10n