Csync Error Windows Client

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Got Problems with Syncing from my Windows Desktop Client.

Windows Client ist connected to 2 Clouds, both NC11.

Both had no Problems but one fails to sync my local changes to the Server.

In the Webinterface Logging there was no related log entry.

Webinterface is still acessable, othe client on my Laptop syncs well. (Linux)

Anyone got a Idea?

I can’t read the error in the picture. Did you change a password before it stopped working? Could you translate what is in the picture to English?

No i did not changed any passwords, syncing on my laptop is also fine but with outdated data

Translated to English:

“Csync-access failed”

then the Url of my Server and the Destination of a Folder who doesnt exist on my Local harddrive but exists on the cloud. he fails to sync this changes.

Sadly i have no physical access or ssh to this server before monday.

Then i will try to rescan all files

Did it work previously, then stop all of a sudden? You say there are two servers, is there anything significantly different about them? Are they in different locations? Are they connected to the Internet separately?

Yes it stops without specific reason.

1 Server is at home via Pi 3 works well, no problems nc 11, also reachable via internet

Other Server is reachable via Webinterface and iam logged in on my laptop and can sync changes.

I try to copy the content of my nextcloud directory from this Pc to an external Harddrive and sync the changes over my laptop.

Also i will try delete this cloud from the client after copying everything and sync again, maybe this will help but this will take time

Seems like a Server Error, Created this Thread:

I have the same Problem after updating NC to 12.0.0. It seems the problem is known and fixed for Owncloud (https://central.owncloud.org/t/csync-failed-to-access-and-duplicate-folders/6071 and https://github.com/owncloud/core/pull/28022)

We have opened a similar Bug for this, do this relate to you? if yes please post on this Bug please:

Related Thread:

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I had this problem today.
I put a +1 on this bug on github.

I have a main folder called “Technical” who is shared to a group of 12 users / Read-Write-Reshare.
After a drag n drop in the Finder (OS X) to move a folder A (inside Technical) to a folder B (inside Technical too) The sync stopped in every user having this folder “Technical” Synced.
On the Web UI i got a duplicate folder A is at it first place and also inside folder B. There is only one who work, the last one. When i click on the first one BUG i go to my main file page in nextcloud. When i click on the second one, no prob.

a lot of occ file:scan mainuser - nothing in file_locks etc… nothing worked.

When i go inside the server file system, i don’t see folder A at it first place…

So my solution :

Inside Server’ File system, make a cp of the upper folder where you get the problem, place the copy outside the /data folder.
With the creator user of this shared folder, log in the Web UI, select the folder and delete it.
Inside Server’ File system, put back the copy of the upper folder to the right place.
Make a chown -R www-data:www-data THEFOLDER
Make a sudo -u www-data php occ file:scan creatoruser

Then it get back to normal.

I said to my user to avoid drag n drop inside those folders waiting for a patch.

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