Create a folder for another user


I use Create Folder API MKCOL remote.php/dav/files/user/path/to/new/folder. I would like to clarify if it is possible to create a folder for another user.

In my case, one user should be able to create the folder for another user (not share).
User A is authenticated via Bearer Token and sends a request to create a folder for User B, as a result, I get an error “Sabre\DAV\Exception\Forbidden: Permission denied to create directory”.

Thanks for the support.

Hi @mariia,
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I think it is not possible because of security. Every user only can create his/her own folders. Perhaps you can use Group Folders. Also you can use commands in linux. E.g. mkdir /path/to/folder in combination with occ files:scan . But this is not a good idea. :wink:

Can you explain your goal? Maybe we find a solution.

Thank you for the support, I see :slight_smile:
We found another way to avoid the creation of a folder for another user.