Convert database from SQLite to MySQL manually via dump?


due to the fact of using a shared server unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be possible for me to use occ (I already checked various workarounds but they all seem to be quite complicated and fragile…) - I had another idea and am wondering whether anyone has already successfully gone through this (or even estimate if this could be a promising approach):

Wouldn’t it be possible to easily export the SQLite database into a MySQL compatible dump file (eg by using a service like Rebasedata) and importing it into a prepared MySQL database through phpMyAdmin?

I guess Nextcloud might use different entries in the different database types (??), but these could - insofar as known - be patched manually afterwards.

Finally, manually patch the database definition entries in the config.php file.

Any comments?
Thx Renato :slight_smile:

Any update on whether you resolved this issue?
I can install 15.0.4 with SQlite but NO WAY can I install mysql on my shared space.
Great to know if you found a way

I’ve finally found a way to execute occ (see my howto to do this on an 1&1 aka Ionos service) and given this, I could convert the database in the “standard” way :slight_smile:.

But if your shared service doesn’t include any MySQL or similar database service out of the box (can you check again? Many shared services include a number of MySQL databases in another section than webspace?!??), I suppose it’ll get very hard to run such a database on that server!

My bad … I have mysql BUT NC won’t install with that but will with SQlite
Hence how can I convert one to the other?
Hope that clarifies things

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For Shared hosting see:

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Wow thanks :clap:
Will resolve my issue