[Contribution] Infra Team

How contributors can/will help on the project infrastructure, will be a SysAdmin/IT team to contribute to?

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cc @frank @jospoortvliet @stp Something that we should certainly think and discuss more about.

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As general idea there are a few things, which should most likely be controlled by the foundation/community. And on that note be separated on the server side.

Then there are the services provided for/from nextcloud.com, this will probably be more internal I assume.

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something iike getting started would be cool, too.

@elacheche @stp invited you to the Github org and added you to the new »Infrastructure« team :slight_smile:


@jan as a DevOps guy I have an opinion on Infrastructure.

IMO, we should use Github pages to host the website. We’re already in there with the server code, why not the website code?


Cause right now it’s wordpress based :wink:
Moving it to something static is at least on my roadmap, but we’ll see how that gets voted by the community and the contributors doing the work.

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Actually the content is all static PHP. Check https://github.com/owncloud/owncloud.org

@jospoortvliet and me will push the code later to Github and also make it deploy from there.

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If the site is moved to GH won’t it become difficult to use contribook, comments etc?

Please don’t move to things like disqus for comments :slight_smile:

Everything will still work as it does now. So our website repository is basically a static page for everything except the blog posts and contribook. It’s not perfect but at least allows people to contribute :slight_smile:

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We should not forget about CI. In the past we had a Jenkins with multiple slaves. I think that because of the size we have in this project we should host the CI system ourselves.

We also should do this as fast as possible, because it is crucial for starting the development. I also volunteer to build a team to bootstrap this. I think @LukasReschke and @jyaworski would very likely help here out too :wink:

What are you ideas on this? Feel free to open a new topic regarding this :slight_smile:


Discourse comes with the great feature to hook up threads with static pages.


That’s actually pretty sweet. We could use that to keep discussion on blog posts in one place, and also to directly get ppl involved in the community after they read a blog post! Whaddaya think @jospoortvliet?


:+1: for moving to something static as it simplifies contributions and integrating Discourse for comments

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fascinating idea, yes. I will have to dive into this, learn about it… We might be able to do this, though it could be difficult as we don’t want to use corporate blogs so much but rather let our developers speak for themselves. So that means it has to work with all those weird blog systems all you crazy folk use :wink:


… and anybody who can give me some pointers on where to look would earn my gratitude. If there’s an easy way (eg some html code) to integrate the forum’s comment with blogs - awesome I’d love to hear it :wink:

For static site stuff, which can easily integrate data from json or other sources, I use gohugo.io.

@jospoortvliet have a look at this :slight_smile:

@jospoortvliet that’s the discourse wordpress plugin we could consider: https://github.com/discourse/wp-discourse

Is there already a Demo installation for our website?