[Contribution] Infra Team

I don’t think so. Maybe @LukasReschke or @jospoortvliet knows more.

Not yet, we will need help with that. I think the GSOC project by Michael will help… Probably won’t be long. But first we have to have a release to put on the demo :wink:

Yeah I moved a bit of the work around and if there is a release available, it seems that I might squeeze in a temporary demo. More or following stuff still needs to be discussed.

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done :wink:

There are some limits to DNS entries right now, but I might be able to provide a demo at a neutral Domain for temporary access. I’ll let you know as soon as something is available.

A demo is now available. It will get some improvements over the coming weeks/months, but for now it enables users to play around with the packaged apps.


(had to use one of my personal domains, as the dns limitations with nextcloud.com/org still exist)


Wow. There seem to be a lot of limitations with the DNS on Nextcloud… I’ve never had any of my hosts limit anything DNS related.

Can I ask what version the demo runs? Stable? Nightly?

Admin Page says 9052 stable

Currently it runs the stable released versions (current: v9.0.52), it might get a developer demo instance running master or something similar.

As a nice side effect I did not need to discuss the usage of this awesome domain name :smiley:

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I’m with @Bugsbane, what’s the deal on the DNS? If you own the domain it shouldn’t be even remotely restrictive.

To the original topic: if I can help with infrastructure I’d be more than happy to do so. I’ve got servers dotted around everywhere.

From what I understood: The provider that we bought the domain name from is enforcing us to stay for a defined period of time and it’s apparently not possible to change the DNS servers. Sadly, they also seem only to allow 10 DNS entries.

Once the period of time is over we can switch to another provider that doesn’t have that ridiculous limitations.

cc @frank

That is utterly insane.

Are you sure that you can’t move earlier? You’ve probably paid for a certain period of time and you won’t be refunded but normally you can move to a different provider (“normally” you would have also more than 10 DNS entries) :slight_smile:

This could simply be a restriction put in place when you transfer the domain to a new registrar.

That is exactly it @oparoz