Context menu suddenly not working

Hey guys,

I’m running NC 16.0.3 on centos and using 2 windows client computers.

The first computer runs on Win10 x64 pro and works great.

The second runs on Win10 x64 enterprise LTSC and was also working great until a couple of days (can’t remember exactly) where the context menu is not shown anymore when i right click on nextcloud folder’s files with the client launched.

Client version is 2.5.2git (build 20190319).

I’ve tried rebooting, reinstalling the client, registering the DLL as explained here:

but it fails with “module cannot be found”.

Any ideas?


Is this question still valid? I have recently solved this problem and I am willing to help you, but if you want to help with this issue, you have to add some informations, screenshots etc.