Configure NC with external OpenID provider -- ssl error


I am using NC:22 from a docker container - the distance is available via HTTPS using the traefik proxy.

I need to set-up a log-in system that uses an openID service my organization provides.

For the purpose, I am using the Nextcloud and OpenID-Connect - the IT admin gave me:

  • “Client ID”
  • “Client secret”

And I gave them the following redirect URL:

Unfortunately, when I try to log-in into NC using OpenID I got the following error:


  • You must access Nextcloud with HTTPS to use OpenID Connect.

What could be wrong?
Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the community @epifanio :handshake:

The error message sounds pretty clear - you seem to access you Nextcloud without https, which is prerequisite to use oidc.

please provide additional details as per required support template for further troubleshooting.