Config.php loosing entries


i added as a followup to this post / thougths (see LINK)
Link to NCforum POST

‘session_lifetime’ => 60 * 60 * 3,
‘auto_logout’ => true,
‘remember_login_cookie_lifetime’ => 606024*1,
‘token_auth_activity_update’ => 60,
‘’ => true,

to config.php
restarted my nginx

thought that should do the trick …

hmmm …
checked again today.

all the entries from above gone …

anyone facing the same, or am I missing something.

br NP

Check out Configuration Parameters — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation - I’ve started putting my custom configuration directives in a file of my own instead of config.php.


But don’t get me wrong…
These are all standard config options
And I don’t get it why these options get lost

Should not be default procedure

Thx… BTW have not concidered yet a second config file… Thx

And I can’t answer that. I just know that if you put your config in your own custom.config.php then that one shall override the config.php one and also not be touched by anything else.

Yeah it’s pretty funny
Cuz other not that let’s call it security concerning parameters are kept within the config.php

Lets see if someone can shine some light on this one


  • Are you running NC in a Docker container? If so, what image are you using?
  • What is the file modification date/time on the current config.php file?

Not runnin in docker

Not checked the timestamp

now checked, and again added (cron runs every 5 minutes)

Mär 30 07:47

Logs are clean (not mentioning something about config… Spooky)

loged in via ssh to check if config was touched…
everything looked fine:

used nexcloud a bit config got changed:

Mär 31 07:05

entries gone

‘session_lifetime’ => 60 * 60 * 3,
‘auto_logout’ => true,
‘remember_login_cookie_lifetime’ => 60 * 60 * 24 * 1,
‘token_auth_activity_update’ => 60,
‘’ => true,

by the way none of them worked as tested yesterday …

strange !
anyone any idea ??

Is maybe some autoconf entry or an environmental variable ocerwriting these values?

yeah that sounds reasonable …

where tha hack can i find n autoconf entry on my own system

at least it is pretty bad weather so i can check stuff out here (on that system)

br NP