Complete NC installation on Debian with and TURN step by step

Ok tnx. I changed it to /opt/spreed-webrtc-master/ (might also be /usr/share but i’m used to /opt)

Excuse me for the beginners question, but what is the reason to use either /opt or /usr/share as root folder for the spreed server? As I remeber reading somewhere the one repo available installs it to /etc. I don’t know what the intention is to put something into one or the other predefined folder of linux systems or what rights/security reasons are there about this, so some explanation would be nice :slight_smile:. Reason is that I want to write a small guide about how to establish a systemd unit to autorun spreed.

€: I self explained it to me by reading According to this I would also slightly prefer /opt/spreed-webrtc-master as root, as it is downloaded manually here and no files are created outside of this folder by any step.

€€: Guide about setting up a systemd unit for autorun the spreed server is done: [Spreed.ME] Howto autorun "spreed-webrtc-server" step-by-step

Hi there @MichaIng. Let me try to give an awnser to your questions. The /opt folder is for non standard linux software ( and the /usr/(share) is user binaries and documantation i gues it depends on the distribution your familiar with what you use (or maybe how old you are :slight_smile: ) and the /etc is for configuration files.

i gues you can run webrtc as root with chmod 750 rights (rwx-rx---- for root) as it runs in the background and nextcloud connects to it. thats how i would run it.

the auto run part i cant help with so i will be following your guide for that one :+1:

Thanks for the information. Again some more clarification about all of this :slight_smile:.

For the autorun systemd unit you need to create a new user, or at least it would be surely more recommendable than using root for this for security reasons. In this case you could chown -R the spreed server directory to this user or better just give him read and executable permissions: chmod -R 755

Hi and thanks for your guide. I’m not sure if you got a success at the end or not…I read all comments…and this is not clear.
Another tihnk, I try to download the vhost file, but the link seems not work, can you give me new ones?
Thanks in advance.

Hi, the guide should be complete and should be working, but i didnt try the full guide myself anymore. I just tried the vhost file download for me it did work:

Hi bros;

sudo su
apt-get install coturn
nano /etc/turnserver.conf








#(generated by openssl rand -hex 32)









nano /etc/default/coturn

Remove # in front of TURNSERVER_ENABLED=1

im using, for install all enviroment, this is my conf files:


listen =
basepath = /webrtc
root = www


stunuris =
sessionsecret = b2a1c8926c7a72dba7895bf8c72f4bceff30xxxxxxxxx
encryptionsecret = c7b84b331b010bb184d536dc9056ba0ea2xxxxxxxx
authorizeroomjoin = true
servertoken = 6d425cefec8c6xxxxxxxxx
serverrealm = local
extra = /usr/share/spreed-webrtc-server/extra
plugin = extra/static/owncloud.js

turnURIs =
turnSecret = zvshmpbkspd9e8yduswv9ze2kn92ta2k9zhyzxxxxxxxxxxx


logfile = spreed-webrtc-server.log

enabled = true
mode = sharedsecret
sharedsecret_secret = 78e3edefc392ab64dbd447ad6450bbb7xxxxxx

/etc/init.d/coturn restart

[ ok ] Restarting coturn (via systemctl): coturn.service.

And continue show me this:

Video for show you error for send call and recieved.

only work if i do this:

sudo su

Pls help me for this issue

Complete steps in here

Only issue remains is every time user loggin into spreedme or temporary password is created i need restart

And only works if i do this:

root@cloud:~# systemctl restart snap.spreedme.spreed-webrtc.service

But i cant do that each time when my users need to be a call, because i cant everytime put that command, i need independence

Stay alert

anyone, really?

if it is trying to connect from outside your local network, you may need to open two ports on your router.

reed this: Spreedme / webrtc and nextcloud on split host

I quit spreedme, started using jitsi.