Peer conection error spreedme

How solve that issue?

Hi @johnfelipe and sorry for the delay.
Maybe a STUN / TURN server is missing in your setup. Try this:

That is good setup or i need then install coturn?

this is log

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@leon, i use for install all service correctly, but error about peer connection is constant, i need solve this issue quick
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You were trying to configure the Spreed video calls app. Notice that this app is a different app than the Spreed.ME app (it’s confusing, I know).

The screenshot from your initial post shows Spreed.ME / Spreed WebRTC.
Please first try to enable STUN, then TURN for Spreed.ME as described here:

Bro, is spreedme app, no video call app, look:

But sometime show “Failed to create peer connection, See log for details”, like this

Can u share me instructions, commands, step by step for install coturn in ubuntu 16 / digitalocean
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  • Does this really just happen sometimes or every time?
  • Have you tried to use the STUN server?

Yes, we already have some documentation on how to set up a TURN server:

  2. Complete NC installation on Debian with and TURN step by step

If this didn’t help, try to debug the problem using your browser’s WebRTC internals page (in Chrome this is available at chrome://webrtc-internals/) and check the developer console (you need to add ?debug to the URL, e.g. https://yournc.demo/apps/spreedme?debug

Only when new user added

i have this in my server.conf

listen =
basepath = /webrtc
root = www


stunuris =

i need tell you, im using this for install all NC, spreedme and collabora, video show your suggest

pls referr to this process and commands

this is log of spreed-webrtc-server

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anyone to help me in this issue?, video show your suggest

You did not add ?debug to the URL. This parameter is required to get any log output on the developer console.

Please PM me a Temporary Password. Alternatively use leon [AT] struktur [DOT] de.

Have you tried to reproduce the issue from a (different computer / browser on a) different network?

Remember i use for install all enviroment

If u see in that script use, new video with ?debug

I have two some config stuff here: and here

The Variable $SNAPDIR is here: togheter with all the other variables.

The actual SpreedMe Snap package is fetched from this repo, and in this file you can find the WebRTC stuff:

How update

Share me instructions
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