Collectives FAQ

Blockzitat Collectives are tied to a Nextcloud Circle and owned by the collective.

IMHO, if this were true, the collective shouldn’t be deleted if just the tied circle is deleted as per here: Collective accidently deleted

I’m about to intensively use the collective but I miss reasonable aka helpful documentation and FAQ. Couldn’t we build a collective to do it ourselvers?
I love the idea of a wiki on md files
Q1: Why can I import text with hyperlinks (per c&p) but not export it?
Q2: When will html / pdf export be available or what is the preferred way to share a collective publicly without options to change? (I tried pico cms but doesn’t work as text app not compatible)
Q3: How to format images so that they are properly displayed?
Q4: Why use file links instead of html links to the collectives page? With local conversions to htlm/pdf file links don’t work any more? So what are they good for?
Q5: Would w2wiki mit php und md flat files or wiki.js or Gollum - Git-based Markdown wiki be viable alternatives to go forward?
Q n: and many more…

Dear @Ajoana,

let me try to give a few answers.

I agree and we probably should add some safeguard to either warn users when they delete a circle that holds a collective, or to prevent this altogether.

What do you mean by “not export it”? Do you mean to keep the link richt text formatting when selecting and copying from the editor?

There’s already an option to print a collective, which is meant as an easy shortcut to export it to PDF as well. See the “Print” option in the three-dot-menu of a collective. Most modern browsers bring an option to “print to PDF”, that’s why we decided against adding our own code for exporting to PDF for now.

Regarding sharing, since version 0.16.22, you’re able to share a collective via link. These shares will be read-only per default. See the “Share link” option in the three-dot menu of a collective.

The way to insert an image will vastly improve with Nextcloud 24 due to some larger improvements in the Text app. You’ll be able to upload images from your devices directly.

Agreed, there’s some flaws with internal links between pages. It’s on top of our todo list to look into them. But still, links to other pages should be HTML links and work from everywhere. What do you mean with “file links”?

Thanks for starting a FAQ.
Q1: my fault, did c&p to telegram - won’t work in telegram - c&p to libre office works.
Q2: Print menu is only avaiable for the whole collective - so I was missing the options in sub parts. Browser printing works fine. HTML export of one page with c&p seems to work fine as well.
I have overlooked the share link option “somehow” (how could I :kissing_heart:) - Thx!
Q3: Thx, looking forward to it :slight_smile:
Q4: When using the link file option to another collectives page it works with browser pdf. Before, I used gostwriter on the locally synced md file - there it won’t work. So Q4 resulted from Q4.

Is it possible to tag pages and subpages directly in the app? I can add tags via the the folder but that seems quiet complicated…

Unfortunately, that’s not supported currently.

Out of curiousity: could you elaborate a bit on your usecase? How would you like to use tags? For navigating pages in the page list (e.g. by filtering the page list by a tag)?

Hi there. I would like to use collectives to organize client documentation in our social institution. In order to find the information quickly, it would be great to be able to set tags, e.g. progress, relapse, etc.