Collective accidently deleted


By deleting the collective members circle, I noticed to my surprise that the collective itself got deleted as well. I wasn’t expecting this.
I needed to newly setup the members (guests) as they didn’t see this collective at all. Another shard collective is visible though strangely…
I believe the circles app - I used it before it was integrated into nc - doesn’t work as advertised, at least not in our configuration. Maybe it got corrupted somehow…

My question is there a way to recover the deleted collective?
I looked in the deleted files, but nothing there…
I also setup the backup app, which updates incrementally every day, but I don’t see any way to recover from it. Please note, I’m not an IT guy

Any suggestions?

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Dear @baspeij,

thanks for your feedback!

If you have direct (shell/filesystem) access to the Nextcloud instance, the markdown files of your collective might still be around in the appdata_<appid>/_collectives/<collective_id>/ folder. There’s a daily background job though that cleans up those cruft collectives where the circle got deleted.

I don’t know the details of the backup app and whether it backups the appdata folder. If this is the case, then you might be lucky.

I have also deleted the circles by mistake. Now all my collective pages are gone. Is there a way to restore them?

Dear @daiseco,

unfortunately, as written above, collectives will be removed automatically after the circle got removed. They’re not accessible any longer anyways. If you have backups of your Nextcloud data, you should find the markdown files of your collective at appdata_<instanceid>/collectives/<collective_id>/.

We plan to prevent circles with a corresponding collective from being deleted via the user interface. We’re tracking this feature at Prevent circles of collectives from being deleted in Contacts (#314) · Issues · collectivecloud / Collectives · GitLab