Collectives app - group collaborative documentation in Text & Circles apps!

Continuing the discussion from Circles App Review:

Collectives is a Nextcloud App for activist and community projects to organize together. Come and gather in collectives to build shared knowledge.


  • Collective and non-hierarchical workflow by heart : Collectives are tied to a Nextcloud Circle and owned by the collective.
  • Collaborative page editing like known from Etherpad thanks to the Text app
  • Well-known Markdown syntax for page formatting

Documentation overview

@rakekniven could you please create a category for this new app.

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Done. See

Should I move this topic?
Or use this as a category description?

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Thanks! Feel free to use any of this in the description. Might be worth adding: Requires the Circles app be installed.

i wanted to try this app out as i think there is a real need of a “wiki system” inside nextcloud.
but it needs the “text”-app but i can not install this app on the market. says “not found”

do i miss something?

Text is already installed by default iirc. Try installing Readme app, which will build rich text workspaces for every folder on your machine and allow you to share the documents as markdown. It rocks.

thanks for the anwser!
then something is wrong on my test-system as i don´t have text app there.

the nextcloud nativly feature “workspace” seems to do simular stuff + wysiwyg.
not sure yet if its worth to overrule this behaivor with this not core/featured app.

… i don´t want to hijack the collective thread here.
i will try another test-system maybe text app is then there thx :slight_smile: